Vigilance from XiaoMi Success, see the lighting industry

Vigilance from XiaoMi Success, see the lighting industry

LED Light Industry Development Articles recently said that millet destroys “Chinese manufacturing”, is a blow: “when the other side of the United States through the knowledge economy stepped up to promote economic recovery, we think of the Internet hysterical bubble. The author is cursed by evil spirits “internet thinking” problems in the whole manufacturing industry “blindly, striking without substance” of uncertain environment, while millet companies use internet thinking to walk in the forefront of distinctive success, really ready to be connected. The LED lighting industry needs an example like this to drive the entire market. Vigilance from XiaoMi Success, see the lighting industry
However, in the internet age, millet’s success is a pioneer or martyr, hard to distinguish clearly. Millet’s success and look, just four and a half years on the third throne of global mobile phone suppliers, valuations soared to $ 40 billion, becoming the fastest growing mobile brand, has grown globally, to challenge Apple’s courage and determination. Lighting companies, all want to imitate this success in their own bodies, but many people in the industry said that in the development stage of the current “O2O” mode is not very mature, O2O concept is much larger than the actual operation, select “O2O” model can be described as corporate lighting, opportunities and challenges coexist!

This is a reminder that people do not need to be brainwashed in lighting, not an erratic wind industry to be dizzy with a successful attitude is the pros and cons of discussing the effects of milet success. Vigilance from XiaoMi Success, see the lighting industry

First, the potential energy of the case is a bit empty

This year the traditional economy is bland, most of the traditional business to dafanshenzhang hope in the transformation and improvement of the Internet. Many traditional corporate bosses are cornered, to find a breakthrough, they have set up new media departments, playing WeChat’s micro blogs from the media, fans, and others to engage in social economy, cost a lot, less effectively? Can taste the sweetness through the development of new media, the traditional gene in most companies because of the urgency, trying to do new media after a while, finally in front of the heroic KPI assessment ended deadlock.

The reason is very simple, Internet thinking is a proposition on the “road”, many companies as “technology” to use. The Millet company as a company, pioneering the use of a new economic model has been successful, with examples of potential energy, is a trendy “avant-garde” business model and “flexible marketing” such as electricity, starvation marketing, channel control, fan economy into new games , cross company model, by many companies learn to imitate. For a while, the increase in millet nationwide, all walks of life learned about millet, various professors of business schools and professors of training took millet samples as an example. In this example the potential of millet, wearing gold and silver, without input from the media lies in the author’s work, news media science and technology and netizens speak in leisure. It is a LED company has no resources, we take what compared with millet?

Many LED business owners may wonder, why millet, carved sirloin and Huang Taiji, three squirrels and other companies, can be successful, and we can not just? Since most cases of stimulation succeed, it does not mean actual operational action. Taste good, stumble in the back, impetitive psychological speculation of decent commercial play? The so-called gehangrugeshan, LED lighting is not a fast consumer product, more needs is the product of precipitation!

Two, pre buy addicted power supplier

When millet companies are established, in the face of relatively heavy hardware industry, lack of congenital trust, lack of capital investment, supply chain negotiation ability is bad enough, the risk of bankruptcy investment error is too great, how to do it? Millet through the media for preheating, fans of online community forum training, according to the number of pre-determined fans, quantitative orders to suppliers, then batch sales. The advantages of this are light assets, less investment risk, the bad is addictive. Arguably, millet now has strong capital, not bad money, but millet still uses pre suppliers of the play, especially on new releases will adopt this model, such as millet 4 of this new market demand product. sold very well, Vigilance from XiaoMi Success, see the lighting industry