How to solve the glare illumination problem

How to solve the glare illumination problem

Glare is one of the problems that lights often encounter, the most representative representative of the glare downlights. Many designers do not understand how to avoid glare, do not know how to choose the right anti-glare lighting.
Today teach six types of methods to break the glare. Before we begin, let’s see, under what circumstances, the human eye will feel “glare” and anti-glare lighting. How to solve the glare illumination problem

Notice that the human eye’s view is normal, like the top level down 30? 60?, Glare occurs in this range, it’s glare. During the light emitted from the full control lamp over the corner of the light cutter> 30? From it, can we say this lighting fixture is Anti-glare ..

So, how to solve the glare lighting problem? Come! Learn these six strokes, glare without a trace.

Angle 1.Cut-off> 30 degrees

When the conventional shielding angle is based on normal 30 degree human vision, the angle of the lamp shield is greater than 30 degrees, so that the light is not directly on the eye.

2. Increase the height of light source installation

The deep light from the light under other structures remains unchanged, increasing the height of the increased light source, to achieve the purpose of increasing the angle of shading.

3. Conventional light + glare cross light glare

Cross antiglare grill is mainly blocked in both vertical and horizontal lighting directions. The critical position of the glare from the adjustment of the boundary to the middle of the lamp, thus increasing the angle of shading, to achieve anti-glare purpose.

Conventional lamp + antiglare honeycomb

Clean honeycomb grille can block the glare of light in all directions, all the glare of accessories, the best anti-glare effect, can be reached 90 angle shield. Largest light loss.

Conventional light + Leaf Blackout

Black leaves can be blocked in all directions, lights to easily form, forming angles from the light itself to completely block the effects of lighting shield, this is the most flexible antiglare accessory, is the coolest appearance and factor.

For the most part, it is usually used in conjunction with track lights, glare at the same time, improving the overall picture of the decoration.

6.Soft Glass

Including soft opaque glass, wool glass, Gyrosigma + opaque glass, etc., can to some extent, reduce the brightness of the source of surface lighting, to some extent, to achieve anti-glare effect.

Well, learn these six strokes, no more glare, Anti-glare is very easy!

In the end, I want to introduce we change the lens angle to make Anti-glare. How to solve the glare illumination problem