New to HDTV? Let Us Explain

New to HDTV? Let Us Explain

Given that we are one of the leading installers of high-definition, or HDTV in AAS Advanced Aerial Services, you might expect us to know a little about HD TV and what you need to do to access and enjoy HD TV. programming – and we do!

So with that, here’s a few basic things you need to know the most. New to HDTV? Let Us Explain

First of All … What is HDTV?

As you might suspect, HD TV gives you a very sharp and clear image compared to standard definition TVs, including vivid colors and up to five times more detail. Sound quality is also better.

High definition TV screens differ from standard definitions because they use 720 or 1080 horizontal pixels, compared to the 576 that make up the first one. That means the HD ready TV gives you pixels up to four times more than the standard definition TV can offer.

How can I get HDTV?

The first high-definition broadcast in the UK was tested by the BBC in May 2006, and today, with an abundance of HD TV channels continuing to be available, this has been a major aspect of the TV viewing experience for many people across the country. .

If you want to watch HD TV programs for yourself, you need to have a compatible TV – check out the ‘HD Ready’ logo when buying. However, there are other things you’ll need, including the HD Receiver – a digital box designed to receive HD – and HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cables to connect the receiver to HD Ready TV.

You will also need a satellite or satellite antenna, depending on which HD TV service you want to access. Virgin Media, for example, requires a cable connection, while for Freesat and Sky, the satellite dish needs to be installed outside your home and in the case of BT TV and Freeview, the air antenna will be an important investment.

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We are a reliable HD TV antenna distributor in AAS. So why not hesitate to contact our team today about our service that will allow you to start enjoying all the benefits of HD TV programs, did you live in Milton Keynes, Northampton, Peterborough, Kettering, Bedford or Corby? New to HDTV? Let Us Explain