Much more than just a store

Much more than just a store

Sid Lee and Sid Lee Architecture work with Adidas AS & Concepts, envisioning and designing all new Adidas x CNCPTS Sanctuary boutiques at Newbury St. in Boston.
Sanctuary is the third collaboration between Adidas and CNCPTS. Conceived and designed by Sid Lee and Sid Lee Architecture’s team, The Sanctuary is quietly located in the basement of one of Boston’s oldest commercial streets at 73 Newbury Street. More than a store, this is a place of worship, where fans can collect, worship equipment, and adjust to the fewest drops, tendons and merchandise of Adidas x CNCPTS. Much more than just a store

“The space and context are very inspiring to us, really Boston representatives.At Newbury, the street and the fancy district, but downstairs, almost underground.We want to make sure Boston’s spirits and tension pass through space. chosen to reward city and urban cultural differences – meet raw needs, polished edgy meet, Beacon Hill meets with Roxbury, “said Martin Leblanc, Architect & Senior Partner, Sid Lee Architecture.

1,200 sq.ft. Space is designed with a modular threshold for discovery, pause, and admiration. Fans descend through the liberation tunnel chamber, walking and pausing through the discovery field, and in a temple-like manner, finally arriving at the celebration hall.

Minimalist aspect of the product store spotlight, Sid Lee Architecture uses light and reflective surfaces and a glass arch to create the pockets of this invention. The product is displayed and supported by fine metal fasteners, because the shoes appear to float on the brick walls and raw concrete. Glass and mirror sculptures present merchandise from an unprecedented angle and modify their traditional perceptions. Much more than just a store

Sid Lee designed the exclusive pattern for the concept as an entrance and gate, inspired by the interconnectedness of both brands. The space also introduces a special interactive mirror box designed by artist Jordan Sodenberg Mills, whose work is usually seen in galleries worldwide (Victoria and Albert Museum, Blythe House, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes), but never before been in retail space .

“We really want this concept to be special for fans and especially limited edition fans who have seen it all.We asked CNCPTS what you’ve never seen before that will make your mind go awry ?! They say,” if we could make those shoes float! “. guess what ?! we made those shoes float! In concept like SANCTUARY, what is more precise than that?!” asked, Much more than just a store