Identical twins, Astrology, and Numerology

Identical twins, Astrology, and Numerology

Conventional scientists say that identical twins are the result of a fertilized egg in the womb that is divided into equal parts, so that two humans are identical. Modern astrologers claim that twins, or foreigners born around the same time in the same place, have the same graph.
But if you’ve known more than a few identical twin sets, you know that although they look similar, their personality and life can be very different. Identical twins, Astrology, and Numerology

Why is that? Their environment can shape them in different ways. But should not two people with almost identical brains and bodies react to environmental factors in the same way, making them identical in every way? Perhaps, if humans only sell meat with the brain. But they are not, for one important thing: Soul. If you have ever investigated your soul through past regression, you find that your current personality is not only the result of your genes and environment, but also your past life experiences. Your personality in this life, as well as every area of ​​your life, is heavily influenced by your past lives. Even identical twins have different souls, and thus differ from past karma and life. Of the hundreds who have asked us why we, as identical twins, are very different in some respects, few of them have ever assumed that the human body is just a costume for the soul to realize its role on Earth.

We look more like babies, but as we age, our unique souls shine and reflect different differences. A cynic might claim it because we are not “identical” like the other twins. But we already know many identical twins and in each case, no matter how much they look, the personality difference is clear. In some cases, the contrast in the characters is very striking. Astrology is a great tool for describing personality and learning about the uniqueness of the soul. Unfortunately modern astrological astrology is based on psychology, the most popular astrology today (often in the form of popular astrological reports and popular but overly general-accurate horoscopes), too imprecise. Therefore, one can not use this form of astrology to effectively determine the difference between identical twins, or to delve deeply into the personality and propensity of a person’s personal fate. Identical twins, Astrology, and Numerology

Before superficial forms of science became popular about 100 years ago, other ancient astrological forms offer much higher accuracy, including a comprehensive and non-trivial approach. This ancient form of astrology includes Hinduism, Greek, Arab, and Egyptian. However, we have found that even this ancient form of astrology is not the best tool for determining the difference between twins and strangers born at almost the same time and in the same place, at least not exclusively. What is? Comprehensive numerology and handwriting analysis is very accurate for this purpose, and to learn a lot about a person. We recommend this tool to complement other forms of personality analysis.

Handwriting analysis to determine the characteristics of subconscious and conscious personality along with comprehensive numerology to predict personal destiny and character of depiction is an invaluable tool for the following: career and child guidance; duration of partnerships and events; determine employee or romantic compatibility; identifying personality and strength challenges; predict financial, family, career, or love probabilities; planning a business or career; security investigations; legal issues, political strategy; and other parts of life related to compatibility, predictive, or personality analysis.

Now you know that even if a twin set is biologically identical, their souls can be very different. And while modern western astrology can help for a very general time and personality analysis, ancient astrology along with comprehensive numerology and handwriting analysis can tell you more. Identical twins, Astrology, and Numerology