Forecast 2021 global explosion-proof LED lamp output value

Forecast 2021 global explosion-proof LED lamp output value

The leading UL industry testing and certification organization in the industry (Underwriters Laboratories) recently issued China’s first LED certification for Luminhome Lighting LED explosion-proof lights, light source technology partners also won the South Photoelectric double photo certification, saying that Taiwan industry will soon cut into the North American LED lamp explosion-proof product market, profit is a considerable business opportunity. According to the Electronic Cast Consultant survey report, the global explosion proof product market is growing rapidly, the demand continues to increase, by 2014 the consumption of LED explosion-proof LEDs is 160 million 100 thousand US dollars, estimated at 2021 the value of global output will grow. to 273 million 400 thousand US dollars. Forecast 2021 global explosion-proof LED lamp output value

Due to the low gross profit margin of the common LED lighting market, some Chinese manufacturers have been converted into special applications such as LED blast-proof lamps, which can increase profits. The wave of China’s explosive lighting industry is moving forward in the United States and bringing strong orders to China. The Luminhome Lighting framework differs from traditional industries to focus solely on domestic market demand, with North American market tickets, opening up a new page of Chinese explosion-proof LED lights to the international market.

Luminhome Lighting said: “Luminhome Lighting’s research and development technology team has long focused on the development and production of harsh and hazardous environment products, and began to be incorporated into the development of LED explosion projection lamps in 2011. It can be directly via UL in explosion proof testing laboratories Taiwan for rigorous product testing, and obtaining impartial third party certification, proving the development of Luminhome Lighting explosive blast power LED. ”

LEDs are mounted on LED explosion explosive bulbs especially all kinds of dangerous places, such as petrochemical plants, oil refineries, power plants, casting, food processing plants, such as gas warehouse environments there are many hazards, or will produce dust, flammable, security protection to prevent explosion, with high technology, relative also has special lighting products with higher gross profit.

Recently, the demand for explosion proof equipment in the United States has increased considerably. Luminhome Lighting has been leading the way in obtaining UL certification and opening up opportunities for the Chinese lighting industry to tap into high-value LED bulbs and blast-proof equipment. UL said the resources and technology will continue to import the most advanced foreign aid, China is turning on the transformation and upgrading of producer products, domestic manufacturers can also hope this wave will spread, China’s flagship technology and strict quality control by explosion-proof lighting products to the International. Forecast 2021 global explosion-proof LED lamp output value