Color connection award winning

Color connection award winning creative consultant Masquespacio has just finished designing the flagship store Doctor Manzana near Valencia, integrating brand identity with interior design …
Retail design relies heavily on the experience it generates for the customer, the contact chord being touched and consequently!

The Manzana Doctors Association (DM) and Masquespacio Association began in 2013, when the company redesigned the DM brand and created their first flagship. Specializing in repair and smartphone gadgets, and smartphone cases on top of other accessories, reinvention brands are focused primarily on the 54 degree touch screen. The angle was applied both to the brand and interior design, in addition to four different colors: green and blue as a reference to doctors, salmon for the fashionista and purple for the geeks. Metal on the other hand is used to add a touch of industry that reminds one of the research and laboratory. Color connection award winning

For this, the second DM store, the designer strives to maintain an established brand identity, offers a new custom-made design that DM clients can recognize and at the same time proposes a completely different design for this new point. sales. Through this design, one can still recognize angles, colors and materials of 54 degrees, but gives more attention to the end result of the metal. In addition, compared to the first store, additional elements have been added to suggest better services related to storage and changes in the types of products sold.

Highlighted is the space proposed to serve workshops and talks, completely separated from the store and includes a high doctoral chair designed by Masquespacio and it will be the first official product sold directly through Masquespacio under Mas Kreasi sub brand Color connection award winning