Boring Employees Onboarding Out, New Trends Are In

Boring Employees Onboarding Out, New Trends Are In

Remember your first week in your job? All your worries and hopes and how you hope to be friends and learn all about the company and the job.

Designed to help new employees begin to build valuable relationships with organizations every company has their own employees’ onboarding programs and strategies. Unfortunately, the process of employee orientation is underestimated by many organizations. Activities aimed at welcoming and orientating new staff no longer work long enough to gain new knowledge! Boring Employees Onboarding Out, New Trends Are In

Memorizing how to fill out company forms or find out where the kitchen is the process of onboarding employees is more than just memorizing the name. Also do not know the important dates such as the date of establishment or time out of the office!

Unfortunately, traditional orientation sessions focus a lot on these things.

They ultimately give birth to new employees like their critical business field failing to meet employee expectations, failing to educate the new employee.

Is this the first impression you want to leave for a new hire?

To turn from a traditional expert, recommend the organization. Let me first determine what to achieve before giving a tip on how to revolutionize your company’s onboarding employees:

Employee laying is an organizational way to help new staff as they join the team – the orientation process can run from several days, weeks, and even months. The strategic employee onboarding program helps employees understand what a company is doing, its role contribution is the larger, specific job scheme, and the possibilities or career paths that it can explore. Someone can also have an online onboard program.

Here are some tips to help you prepare a better employee onboarding program:

Pre-employment Period

Set up a landing page on your site where existing employees can share work values ​​for the organization. Make it cheerful and interactive. In this way, old and boring old presentations, new employees do not have to listen!

So really, information about your company’s background and values ​​must be outdated if your company was founded thirty years ago! Because new employees can get in touch with them better than any CEO spokesman or company, you should also use other employees.

In addition to just listing task bullet tasks, try creating a game that will really help new borrower initiators how well he will fit into the position and the company as a whole. Better yet, create a game like Google’s Internship Movie.

First Week Employment

Create a complete learning material that a new employee can give each time he / she forgets company procedures or policies. This could include employee benefits, shorter organization, and welcome videos from leadership teams addressed to new employees.

Set specific people to be the new “Welcome Coordinator”. This person will be contacted to answer questions and concerns, similar to the student assigned to be a college or university organizing committee. Boring Employees Onboarding Out, New Trends Are In

Make sure the new employee sets up his business card in the first week if appropriate; this will be useful when introduced to other staff. The new person will feel that he is already part of the family with this small investment Boring Employees Onboarding Out, New Trends Are In