Bluetooth Headphones V4.2 Aptx Noise Headset With 20 Hours Playti

Bluetooth Headphones V4.2 Aptx Noise Headset With 20 Hours Playti

Music without good headphones can ruin your listening experience and therefore today I will show you a pair of really cool Bluetooth headphones from a company called mixcder.Excited so let’s get started. Music is the core of life and we all love to listen to music when we travel, sit or just walk around, we have music around us. There are many benefits of listening to music like, it makes you feel better, Enhances your creativity, Relieves pain and there are many others. Bluetooth Headphones V4.2 Aptx Noise Headset With 20 Hours Playti

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Mixcder is not a newcomer to headphone games because the company has released several different models. The Mixcder MS301 is one of their latest premium headsets that have good sound quality, looks good and costs more than $ 90.

Display design and color of the headset structure is the first impression.
Now let’s start with design and design, this is one of the best folded stereo bluetooth headphones under the $ 90 price segment, the headset incorporates an aluminum housing on the outside and a soft leather inside that gives them a premium look and feel. The pads on the headphones and on the top that lend on your head and ears are very soft and give you full comfort. Speakers can be folded so you can easily carry them along with you anytime and anywhere and this is one of my favorite features. From these headphones I travel a lot. Bluetooth Headphones V4.2 Aptx Noise Headset With 20 Hours Playti

On the right you will find a 3.5 mm jack because these wireless stereo headphones also offer listening to music over the wire. Along with that you will get a set of controls through which you can switch between tracks and also doubles as a volume controller. In addition there is a power button to turn on and off sport headphones from Couse and a microphone where you can make calls without hands and people believe that call quality is just amazing because I can hear everyone clearly and I do not have it. a complaint from the person I am talking to through headphones. On the left you will get a micro USB port for charging and LED indicator.

The other best thing I like is the Left and Right sign inside the ear cup that really eases the installation properly, and most importantly it is very comfortable to wear as I mentioned before and because I get this, I use stereo bass headphones this is to consume YouTube videos, a few hours of listening to music and even I try this when editing my video that I normally use using Audio Technica ATH-M50 and it’s much more comfortable to wear for longer time. time compared to ATH-M50. Bluetooth Headphones V4.2 Aptx Noise Headset With 20 Hours Playti

Sound is always a major concern for headphones to use.
Moves forward to the quality of his voice that is always a major concern for usage. I try to play different genres of soundtracks ranging from hip hop, Jazz, Rock and more using Bluetooth and cable, and in my use for 7 days, I think there is no compromise on the base or treble, even the vocals are clear. . Thanks to a 40mm aperture driver with advanced APTX-LL technology, which provides seamless transmission with crisp and smooth sound without compression or interruption via Bluetooth.

The Noise Isolation bass The wireless headphones are loud, the sound that comes out in balance, has a rich tone and depth in it, and that is the reason why this little piece of music will be my companion for a long time because I will be using this as my daily driver. Now for those who are wondering if this supports Active noise cancellation or not, well with this price it is great to not expect it because it is not below the premium headphone segment, but still the headset does not. decent work in canceling out the outside noise.

Now let’s talk about connectivity and battery life.
Headphones work either through Bluetooth 4.2 or via 3.5mm headset cables and the sound output in both cases is pretty much the same, I also have no latency problems and in general, I have no complaints about the connectivity. This wireless headphone has a 10m radius for Bluetooth which is pretty standard with lots of premium headphones out there.

Now when it comes to playback time, the company claims that bluetooth 4.2 headphones can play for 20 consecutive hours, which I think would Bluetooth Headphones V4.2 Aptx Noise Headset With 20 Hours Playti