Add My Voice to a Cultural Fire Against Sexual Harassment

Add My Voice to a Cultural Fire Against Sexual Harassment

We live in a strong age. A crucial moment in the lives of people who have been sexually abused. For girls, boys, men and women, this is a long-awaited moment when people are empowered to speak against the sexual harassment they experienced during their lifetime in the hope of making those who have been harassed ultimately responsible.
Some actors will be publicly named, but most others do not. But, find your voice, and add it to the swelling cultural land so as to be part of a vital growth movement will act to warn people who have been involved, or those who are currently involved, or even considering engaging, sexual harassment from everyone which they will NOT get away with as they once were. Add My Voice to a Cultural Fire Against Sexual Harassment

A strong warning indeed. But again, the sad reality is that most of the perpetrators will not be named.

Why? Because the abuse happens so often, or by so many, or so long ago, many survivors have forgotten the names of their perpetrators; or they feel very ashamed of what is happening and they blame themselves; or they are too young to know it’s wrong in the first place; or they fear (ed) the consequences of speaking.

Most of these reasons are true for me. There is a family doctor; babysitter / friends of my parents; my dentist had worked with in my early 20’s; a psychologist who saw my husband and I for counseling that urged me to keep our promise while my husband was out of town on business (unfortunately, I went but luckily reported it immediately afterwards); and those who know me better but about whom I never say a word.

Today, as a psychotherapist working with victims of sexual violence on a regular basis, I witness firsthand the adverse effects experienced by this client in terms of their feelings about themselves, their intimate relationship, and their innate distrust of the world. , more generally.

Many of us try to forget what happened. Or, if not, we convince ourselves that it does not really matter, and what’s even more surprising is the “what’s it, everyone’s sexually abused?” Is it true ?? Surely. Survivors can and do feel that way to overcome some kind of helplessness they will experience for a long time.

I was one of them, and for a very long time. I became numb, insensitive, and because of the roots, somehow made me see sexual abuse as a reflection of someone wanting me. They chose me, did not they? I’m special, I told myself. Somewhere in a very dark and closed place in my mind I am flattered that I am their chosen person because that means I can finally be seen; my young body deals; I believe this will help me get the love and attention I really crave. Of course it never works, but it looks like it’s worth trading at that point.

Today, I feel tremendous sadness so my mind is twisted in such a way that I become dangerous for myself because of those who exploit my vulnerability. But this is just one example of what sexual harassment can do to a person’s soul: it can distort a person’s reasoning skills beyond comprehension so that harassment can actually make sense to the victim in a strange way, and if so, they have no possibility. how to keep yourself safe.

There are millions of people who are currently walking on this earth who must bear the humiliation of being viewed as something, yes, some things are available for the enjoyment of others just because they want it. And the fact is increasingly unbearable to swallow, not only for me, but also for all the brave people who have just started shouting their stories from the rooftops. Add My Voice to a Cultural Fire Against Sexual Harassment

Our bodies belong to no one but ourselves. And so far, for so many, and for a long time, stories we now hear in a way we have never heard before, remain buried in broken hearts, broken souls, and tormented minds of those who have tried to rise up and put pieces of their lives together after experiencing one or more sexual harassment experiences.

Will sexual harassment end here? And now? No, of course not. Unfortunately, it will continue Add My Voice to a Cultural Fire Against Sexual Harassment