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“Killer” is hidden behind healthy lighting

“Killer” is hidden behind healthy lighting

With LED technology rising to the bottleneck, product quality has been mentioned, the industry is still talking about light flux and light effects two years ago, the concept of abnormal hot in recent years, lighting intelligent illumination healthy. We talk about healthy lighting, what kind of lighting is healthy? LED light, what factors will affect screen health to “killer”? This particular problem, we will be a representative product of health lighting lamps as an example, to explore what kind of light that is shared with everyone is a healthy light. “Killer” is hidden behind healthy lighting
Shortly after Nakamura Shuji won the Nobel Prize, the industry solved the question of the high content of blue light on LED products, which caused panic at one time. The human eye, as direct contact with light, is the most sensitive organ, while the table lamp is close to the human eye for a long time. The concept of an eye-protective desk lamp emerges over time. “Natural light is the healthiest,” said R & D director of Shenzhen Kang Feng Industrial Company. The main disadvantages of artificial light are blue light, glare, strobe, and others, and long-term use can threaten the health of the eyes visually. “Killer” is hidden behind healthy lighting

Danger of blue light

Blue is a kind of high energy that looks light, can directly penetrate the cornea and lens, direct the macula area, accelerate macular cell oxidation caused by chemical damage to the retina, retina damage to the child more seriously, Kang Mingsheng D responsible person. says its disadvantages are primarily manifested in the causes of myopia, cataract eye and macular pathology and body rhythms that endanger the disease, has been linked to medical research showing that in three aspects:

One is the loss of structure, the high light of blue LED lights can cause retinal pigment epithelial atrophy and even death, leading to decreased vision and even disappearance altogether, and this is a kind of irreversible damage, can also cause macular degeneration.

The other is eyestrain. Because the wavelength of the blue light is short, the focal point is not at the center of the retina, but near the retina. The ratio of LED light is too high, will let the user spend a long time in a state of tension, causing visual fatigue, can cause myopia, diplopia, easy to read serial symptoms, lack of attention and other symptoms.

Third, sleep is not good, blue light will inhibit melanin secretion, and melanin is an important hormone that affects sleep, the role known today is to promote sleep, adjust the time difference. Long hours of reading with high-lighted LED lights can cause deep sleep and even insomnia.

LED long contact lenses, especially the popularity of smart phones, users are mostly young students, if not in accordance with the physiological rhythm of light when people choose materials and quality, easy to let the user generate visual. fatigue, and can even cause irreparable eye damage. Research and development director Kang Mingsheng said LED desk lamps should try to control color temperatures at 4000K, to reduce the blue light content, and control the color rendering index closely. “Killer” is hidden behind healthy lighting


Strobe, the simplest definition refers to the period of light switching fluctuations. For example, in China, the current is passed through the 50Hz alternating current frequency, the power supply voltage of the lamp in the switching period in the form of a sine wave at the peak through the swing. Therefore, it can generate 2 times to supply flicker frequency, that is 100Hz. If no suitable electronic circuits, such as ballasts, drives or power, can produce a stroboscopic light source.

CCTV 315 this year, the LED light blinking about field exposure, causing great disturbance. Stroboscopic problems also can not be ignored, will cause various damage to the human body, biological and medical research has been attributed to it:

This can cause brain cell damage. According to the researchers, through the observation of EEG findings, even though the light strobe of the environment has quickly let people can not detect, the retinal organism can still tell the frequency of 100-160Hz, even up to 200Hz and respond to light.

May affect reading and sight. Strobe will affect eye movement in reading text, stroboscopic LED light will seriously affect the user’s attention, and more easily produce visual fatigue.

Fluctuations of the stroboscopic problem of the AC grid, so the LED’s eye light on the circuit design should be considered a flicker problem. “Killer” is hidden behind healthy lighting

Exo Lighter Traditional Electric-blue

Exo Lighter Traditional Electric-blue

There is nothing extraordinary because the exo is lighter lasting. Even these lighter designs and styles illustrate the extreme path. Additional exo lighters have some amazing characteristics and advantages. Exo Lighter Traditional Electric-blue
Key Features of this traditional Electric-Blue

Will not Include harmful compounds

The lighter ones are completely safe to use because they do not have harmful gases compared to these lighter butane-fueled lighters. In addition, it has a rechargeable battery that will force the lighter for quite a long time. It is also green, and also because it is benign.

Emits just heating

Unlike normal matches, electric blue lights. In addition, traditional lighters emit many fires that may be ignored. But because the light blue electric light is exo lighter, it can not cause fire or warmth. Therefore, you can use it after rain, wind or almost in all weather conditions, and accordingly.

Long battery life

The lighter ones include rechargeable batteries made from lithium. This battery can induce the lighter for a long time. Fixing the battery is very easy because you only need to use a micro-usb cable to your device and then combine it into an energy source.

Positive Aspects of the eco lighter blue electric

This lighter may radiate enough heat to trigger Selection of Various Problems such as gasoline stove, candle, wood, bong, and also smoke.


The lighter outer part is actually a calcium metal, also a strong protective layer that is also resilient. This super fabric is not difficult to wash. The lighter battery is so strong that it can cost a hundred and fifty, and it takes two hours to charge it.

Lastly, blue electricity Includes one year guarantee plus Complete customer service. So, in Event of Issue, you can get acquainted with the help of clients to get support. Exo Lighter Traditional Electric-blue

Vigilance from XiaoMi Success, see the lighting industry

Vigilance from XiaoMi Success, see the lighting industry

LED Light Industry Development Articles recently said that millet destroys “Chinese manufacturing”, is a blow: “when the other side of the United States through the knowledge economy stepped up to promote economic recovery, we think of the Internet hysterical bubble. The author is cursed by evil spirits “internet thinking” problems in the whole manufacturing industry “blindly, striking without substance” of uncertain environment, while millet companies use internet thinking to walk in the forefront of distinctive success, really ready to be connected. The LED lighting industry needs an example like this to drive the entire market. Vigilance from XiaoMi Success, see the lighting industry
However, in the internet age, millet’s success is a pioneer or martyr, hard to distinguish clearly. Millet’s success and look, just four and a half years on the third throne of global mobile phone suppliers, valuations soared to $ 40 billion, becoming the fastest growing mobile brand, has grown globally, to challenge Apple’s courage and determination. Lighting companies, all want to imitate this success in their own bodies, but many people in the industry said that in the development stage of the current “O2O” mode is not very mature, O2O concept is much larger than the actual operation, select “O2O” model can be described as corporate lighting, opportunities and challenges coexist!

This is a reminder that people do not need to be brainwashed in lighting, not an erratic wind industry to be dizzy with a successful attitude is the pros and cons of discussing the effects of milet success. Vigilance from XiaoMi Success, see the lighting industry

First, the potential energy of the case is a bit empty

This year the traditional economy is bland, most of the traditional business to dafanshenzhang hope in the transformation and improvement of the Internet. Many traditional corporate bosses are cornered, to find a breakthrough, they have set up new media departments, playing WeChat’s micro blogs from the media, fans, and others to engage in social economy, cost a lot, less effectively? Can taste the sweetness through the development of new media, the traditional gene in most companies because of the urgency, trying to do new media after a while, finally in front of the heroic KPI assessment ended deadlock.

The reason is very simple, Internet thinking is a proposition on the “road”, many companies as “technology” to use. The Millet company as a company, pioneering the use of a new economic model has been successful, with examples of potential energy, is a trendy “avant-garde” business model and “flexible marketing” such as electricity, starvation marketing, channel control, fan economy into new games , cross company model, by many companies learn to imitate. For a while, the increase in millet nationwide, all walks of life learned about millet, various professors of business schools and professors of training took millet samples as an example. In this example the potential of millet, wearing gold and silver, without input from the media lies in the author’s work, news media science and technology and netizens speak in leisure. It is a LED company has no resources, we take what compared with millet?

Many LED business owners may wonder, why millet, carved sirloin and Huang Taiji, three squirrels and other companies, can be successful, and we can not just? Since most cases of stimulation succeed, it does not mean actual operational action. Taste good, stumble in the back, impetitive psychological speculation of decent commercial play? The so-called gehangrugeshan, LED lighting is not a fast consumer product, more needs is the product of precipitation!

Two, pre buy addicted power supplier

When millet companies are established, in the face of relatively heavy hardware industry, lack of congenital trust, lack of capital investment, supply chain negotiation ability is bad enough, the risk of bankruptcy investment error is too great, how to do it? Millet through the media for preheating, fans of online community forum training, according to the number of pre-determined fans, quantitative orders to suppliers, then batch sales. The advantages of this are light assets, less investment risk, the bad is addictive. Arguably, millet now has strong capital, not bad money, but millet still uses pre suppliers of the play, especially on new releases will adopt this model, such as millet 4 of this new market demand product. sold very well, Vigilance from XiaoMi Success, see the lighting industry

Mobile Database Provider Number

Mobile Database Provider Number

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Buy the Best Electronic Items Online

Buy the Best Electronic Items Online

Everywhere you look, you are surrounded by various electronic devices, from the beginning of your day to the end you end up using electronic products. Electronic products have in fact become an intimate part of our lives and with the ongoing technology discovery, more and more products are introduced by various electronic products manufacturing companies to make our lives easier. Now coming to the point about buying electronic products then there are almost all kinds of electronic products available in the market. So, whether you’re looking for the latest edition of a laptop or tablet deal, you can find it easily in online stores. Nowadays, when choosing laptops and desktops, people  Buy the Best Electronic Items Online  easily choose to buy laptops because of their compactness and unlike your desktop you can carry them easily wherever you want. In offices, universities and even for personal use people prefer to buy laptops rather than desktops. You can easily find some of the most innovative designs in today’s laptops and technology has created user interface as well as laptop user hardware design. There are some common solutions for buying electronic goods online. DESKTOP Hard, purchasing hard disks online in delhi Drive, RAM, Processor, Motherbord, TV Stand, Power Supply, laptop, desktop, monitor, monitor, LED TV, eScan Internet Securit that you will not get good results from any product which you have ordered and thus. While the truth is completely opposite, you can explore many products through online shopping and you can also check out the price differences offered by different shopping sites with the same product and in addition to all this, shopping sites give you the best. quality of the product with a replacement offer if it happens to happen to you damage or has some unwanted errors. Shopping sites are very supportive as such, as competition in this field is increasing day by day and every company offers the best customer service to get the best in the game, which in turn helps customers get the best service. . It is therefore strongly recommended that you purchase electronic products online to get a better selection of whatever product you are looking for and choose the product that best suits your needs. Buy the Best Electronic Items Online

Forecast 2021 global explosion-proof LED lamp output value

Forecast 2021 global explosion-proof LED lamp output value

The leading UL industry testing and certification organization in the industry (Underwriters Laboratories) recently issued China’s first LED certification for Luminhome Lighting LED explosion-proof lights, light source technology partners also won the South Photoelectric double photo certification, saying that Taiwan industry will soon cut into the North American LED lamp explosion-proof product market, profit is a considerable business opportunity. According to the Electronic Cast Consultant survey report, the global explosion proof product market is growing rapidly, the demand continues to increase, by 2014 the consumption of LED explosion-proof LEDs is 160 million 100 thousand US dollars, estimated at 2021 the value of global output will grow. to 273 million 400 thousand US dollars. Forecast 2021 global explosion-proof LED lamp output value

Due to the low gross profit margin of the common LED lighting market, some Chinese manufacturers have been converted into special applications such as LED blast-proof lamps, which can increase profits. The wave of China’s explosive lighting industry is moving forward in the United States and bringing strong orders to China. The Luminhome Lighting framework differs from traditional industries to focus solely on domestic market demand, with North American market tickets, opening up a new page of Chinese explosion-proof LED lights to the international market.

Luminhome Lighting said: “Luminhome Lighting’s research and development technology team has long focused on the development and production of harsh and hazardous environment products, and began to be incorporated into the development of LED explosion projection lamps in 2011. It can be directly via UL in explosion proof testing laboratories Taiwan for rigorous product testing, and obtaining impartial third party certification, proving the development of Luminhome Lighting explosive blast power LED. ”

LEDs are mounted on LED explosion explosive bulbs especially all kinds of dangerous places, such as petrochemical plants, oil refineries, power plants, casting, food processing plants, such as gas warehouse environments there are many hazards, or will produce dust, flammable, security protection to prevent explosion, with high technology, relative also has special lighting products with higher gross profit.

Recently, the demand for explosion proof equipment in the United States has increased considerably. Luminhome Lighting has been leading the way in obtaining UL certification and opening up opportunities for the Chinese lighting industry to tap into high-value LED bulbs and blast-proof equipment. UL said the resources and technology will continue to import the most advanced foreign aid, China is turning on the transformation and upgrading of producer products, domestic manufacturers can also hope this wave will spread, China’s flagship technology and strict quality control by explosion-proof lighting products to the International. Forecast 2021 global explosion-proof LED lamp output value

Why LED street lamps can replace high power HPS lamps with low power

Why LED street lamps can replace high power HPS lamps with low power

The efficiency of a glowing LED streetlight and a high-pressure sodium lamp are similar. Why LED street lamps can replace high power sodium lamps with lower power? How to repent? Here is a personal view, it can not be denied that there is imperfection, please ask me to correct.
High-pressure sodium lamps include a point of light source, which emits a 360-degree light. In fact, the light applied to the radiation is very small, only about 30%. Therefore, high pressure sodium lamps should reflect light in the direction of non irradiation through the reflector in the lamp, so as to achieve higher light utilization purposes. Due to the lamp design and cost issues, the efficiency of sodium lamps is only 40-45%. Why LED street lamps can replace high power HPS lamps with low power

Street lights / street lighting LEDs include light source areas, luminous surfaces are one way, high light source utilization rate, and lamp efficiency above 80%.

Here we take a 100W LED street light and a 250W high sodium pressure lamp as an example to illustrate this problem.

1. Luminescent flux of the LED street light 100w 11000lm start. Because the lens loss is 10%, the power loss is 10%, the luminous flux of the actual light is 8910lm, and the total power consumption of the 110W lamp. So the effect of this LED street light is 81lm / W.

2. The initial luminous flux of 250W high-pressure sodium lamp is 25000lm, loss of light source utilization is about 30%, power loss is about 20%, and the luminous flux is 12500lm, the total power consumption of lamp is around 300W. So the effect of this high pressure sodium lamp is 41,67lm / W.

Through the above analysis and comparison of ultimate luminous efficiency values, we can find that the lighting efficiency of the LED street light 100w is almost 2 times higher than the 250W high sodium pressure lamp. This is why a 100W LED streetlight can be used instead of a 250W HPS lamp Why LED street lamps can replace high power HPS lamps with low power

Beer Cooler – Glass Cooler is a Handy Home Appliance

Beer Cooler – Glass Cooler is a Handy Home Appliance

Cooling a beer or cooling glass can be a handy tool for your home or office. However, these items are more widely used in bars and restaurants where they need to meet the constant demand of customers who are seriously looking for wine or cold beer. When it comes to beer or wine storage that has the best beer cooler you want, it can make a big difference with certainty. When you look at a modern home, you can also find that adding unique products and equipment to various rooms becomes quite important.
It’s not just about using those products, but it’s all about producing a unique look for modern home decor! And this is a big reason why small but effective tools like cold beer or cooling glass have managed to shake the market in a great way. When you are looking for more, a glass cooler in your kitchen can be the best means of storing your drinks and stuff for a long time. This device is great for those who want to solve the problem of space while decorating the house. Home decoration is not an easy task. Beer Cooler – Glass Cooler is a Handy Home Appliance

There are a lot of things that need to be put in the best place so that perfect appearance can be produced and at the same time more space can be maintained. When you add a glass cooler to your home, it helps you save more space that can be used for other items or objects. The beer cooler you will get now is designed to keep the temperature perfect so that the beer can last for a long time. The same type of function is also done through a lass cooler. Beer Cooler – Glass Cooler is a Handy Home Appliance

Well, drinking beer or wine is perfectly preserved and in the best condition is always a great thing. Once you come in from work after attending a busy schedule that day, you will definitely be looking for something that will make you feel fresh. This is where beer coolers can be very useful to you. Beer coolers help you find your favorite drink in the best and cool conditions and sip a beer can really make you feel refreshed. The cooling glass can be accommodated even when you have space problems. These days, most ordinary homeowners face space problems. But a portable glass cooler can be easily placed in your kitchen or dining room so you can easily access glass and drinks.

There are many benefits of having a cooling glass. Such tools can also have some alternative uses. For this reason, such a tool has become a more lucrative option for so many homeowners these days. If you always want to keep your favorite drink in the best storage conditions, then drinking more cool beer can make a big difference to you. Beer Cooler – Glass Cooler is a Handy Home Appliance

4 Good Reasons Why Getting a Traditional EXO Lighter

4 Good Reasons Why Getting a Traditional EXO Lighter

You will definitely adore EXO Lighter Basic as soon as you wear it. This luxurious gold apparatus has all these characteristics and has some amazing benefits. The following guidelines will definitely polish all of these EXO Lighter product lines and summarize their own advantages as well. 4 Good Reasons Why Getting a Traditional EXO Lighter
a) Does not contain hazardous chemicals

Standard letters generally have Butane gas, and can be very dangerous to these settings. That may not be all, even when the gasoline will be finished from the tank, it is necessary for you to recharge the lighter item or buy the second one. On the other hand, the traditional EXO Lighter has made things more relaxed for you personally, it really may not only be user friendly, but it can also cost you extra.

b) Wind resistance

Ordinary lighter Very annoying to use because They can easily be ignored with victory, but for EXO basic reasons, you do not have to worry about this because it only creates warmth and may also not light up. So it’s really worth it.

C) Equipped with rechargeable batteries

This lighter is one hundred percent re-charged and also electronics. Now you can control it using a microusb cable. You just need to connect it to several power sources and also wait patiently for only 1 hour plus it will be ready for its utilization.

Id) Warranty to buy

Traditional Lighter EXO Includes limited one-year and twenty-four hour customer service warranties.

Anything lighter includes an electric beam that emits 900 Degrees F. It builds it easily to trigger bongs, cigars, candles, and wood, gas stoves and is therefore an amazing deal anymore. It is made of zinc metal and thus can last a long time. It is also easy to exfoliate as well to be maintained. This may emphasize the typical criticism of One hundred and fifty percent. The battery life is made of lithium ion and may require a Mean of Two hours to control it 4 Good Reasons Why Getting a Traditional EXO Lighter

Identical twins, Astrology, and Numerology

Identical twins, Astrology, and Numerology

Conventional scientists say that identical twins are the result of a fertilized egg in the womb that is divided into equal parts, so that two humans are identical. Modern astrologers claim that twins, or foreigners born around the same time in the same place, have the same graph.
But if you’ve known more than a few identical twin sets, you know that although they look similar, their personality and life can be very different. Identical twins, Astrology, and Numerology

Why is that? Their environment can shape them in different ways. But should not two people with almost identical brains and bodies react to environmental factors in the same way, making them identical in every way? Perhaps, if humans only sell meat with the brain. But they are not, for one important thing: Soul. If you have ever investigated your soul through past regression, you find that your current personality is not only the result of your genes and environment, but also your past life experiences. Your personality in this life, as well as every area of ​​your life, is heavily influenced by your past lives. Even identical twins have different souls, and thus differ from past karma and life. Of the hundreds who have asked us why we, as identical twins, are very different in some respects, few of them have ever assumed that the human body is just a costume for the soul to realize its role on Earth.

We look more like babies, but as we age, our unique souls shine and reflect different differences. A cynic might claim it because we are not “identical” like the other twins. But we already know many identical twins and in each case, no matter how much they look, the personality difference is clear. In some cases, the contrast in the characters is very striking. Astrology is a great tool for describing personality and learning about the uniqueness of the soul. Unfortunately modern astrological astrology is based on psychology, the most popular astrology today (often in the form of popular astrological reports and popular but overly general-accurate horoscopes), too imprecise. Therefore, one can not use this form of astrology to effectively determine the difference between identical twins, or to delve deeply into the personality and propensity of a person’s personal fate. Identical twins, Astrology, and Numerology

Before superficial forms of science became popular about 100 years ago, other ancient astrological forms offer much higher accuracy, including a comprehensive and non-trivial approach. This ancient form of astrology includes Hinduism, Greek, Arab, and Egyptian. However, we have found that even this ancient form of astrology is not the best tool for determining the difference between twins and strangers born at almost the same time and in the same place, at least not exclusively. What is? Comprehensive numerology and handwriting analysis is very accurate for this purpose, and to learn a lot about a person. We recommend this tool to complement other forms of personality analysis.

Handwriting analysis to determine the characteristics of subconscious and conscious personality along with comprehensive numerology to predict personal destiny and character of depiction is an invaluable tool for the following: career and child guidance; duration of partnerships and events; determine employee or romantic compatibility; identifying personality and strength challenges; predict financial, family, career, or love probabilities; planning a business or career; security investigations; legal issues, political strategy; and other parts of life related to compatibility, predictive, or personality analysis.

Now you know that even if a twin set is biologically identical, their souls can be very different. And while modern western astrology can help for a very general time and personality analysis, ancient astrology along with comprehensive numerology and handwriting analysis can tell you more. Identical twins, Astrology, and Numerology